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Happiest Berry Ita Bag

Happiest Berry Ita Bag

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Pink or Red ‘Happiest Berry’ 2-way ita bag. 

Inspired by Ai Yazawa’s Happy Berry Angel and Happy Berry logo featured in Paradise Kiss and Gokinjo Monogatari, this ita bag is a perfect for all fans of the anime/manga series or anyone looking for a unique ita bag. 

Ready to ship, will be sent in a medium flat rate box within the United States and Europe. Shipping is done on Saturdays for all orders. 


➻ Available in pink or red 

➻ Detachable wings w/pocket for storage 

➻ Comes with sturdy ita display backing accessible via a zipper separate from the bag portion 

➻ 2-way (can be carried by the handles or used as a messenger bag) 

➻ Gold colored flower accessory for zipper pulls 

➻ Comes with two zipper pouches (one inside and one in the back) as well as two additional pouches inside for phone accessories and small items 

➻ Made of PU Leather and PVC plastic and assembled by hand 

➻ Dimensions without wings: 12”x12” (wings add additional 4” on each side) 

➻ Embroidery logo on back of bag 
Please note: Bags will be shipping from California who by law requires a PROP 65 warning on all items made with specific materials. The bags will come with a warning required by law to advise buyers that chemicals and materials in the bag may expose you to harmful substances. We work hard to ethically source and produce all products however a majority of products and chemicals in everyday products fall under the PROP 65 advisory. California has opted to notify consumers of the dangers of products and certain building such as parking garages. All products available in California that are available in other states would require the same warning. You can learn more information here: We are not liable for any improper use of the product that may expose you to these substances. By purchasing you agree to our terms and conditions.
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